Sunday, November 16, 2008

An alternate count scenario

Elliott wave count on Nifty has been quite confusing lately and there are a number of ways to put it. As i had put up a count previously which shows we are in 'C' of a zig-zag, i see another count possible. While discussing the pattern with a friend, this pattern seems to make a better understanding of the count.

The alternate scenario says we are in a double zig zag corrective pattern. The current leg is the wave 'b' of the ABC corrective and we are forming the 'c' wave of 'b'. The current wave might take markets to as high as 3500 to 3700 and then make a new low. Which would initiate the formation of wave 'c', the final leg down of the wave pattern. Have a look -

This count suggest that it would take another 6 months for markets to bottom out if a=b in time and c equals a+b which holds true in general market conditions.

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