Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crude oil and copper wave count

Crude oil and copper has given an impressive rally in the past few months. Copper prices bottomed out before equity markets started the current uptrend and crude oil followed with a lag.

The current market picture in copper is impressive as elliott wave structure saw termination of the bear trend at the bottom. Now copper is in the process of forming the first impulse of the new bull market. The following graph will make it clear.

The alternate count shown above will have a very high probability if copper trades below 200 for a few days. Termination of wave 1 may occur at 245-250 range if the triangle completes.

Crude oil prices have rebounded sharply. As I had mentioned in the last post here that crude oil is still in the fourth wave of the wave 'A' correction, it has taken an expected amount of time to reach the current price levels. The current price picture is now calling for termination of the current uptrend in few weeks. Take a look at this graph. For previous posts see this link

Crude oil rally looks like nearing exhaustion. On hourly graphs we have entered the wave 5 of 5 of C. Look for reversal pattern in days to come, retracements can be very deep.

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