Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Swift trade update!!

Last week I wrote that market may correct to lower levels. It proved dead wrong as markets regained strength. I have been counting the advance in five waves and last two weeks price range was looking like more of distribution in wave 'b'. However I have to revise the count to the wave 5 in progress of a higher degree wave (I) of a new bull market. A correction may take place once wave 5 exhausts. See the following graph -

In the above graph -

Wave 1 = 2539 to 3103 equals 564 points

Wave 3 = 2962 to 3511 equals 549 points

Wave 5 = 3309 to 3664 equals 355 points till now, may be its the high!!

Now wave 5 cannot be larger than 550 points as it will make wave 3 the shortest and negate the entire 5 upmove count of being a five wave upward impulse. So it looks clear that whatever is the extent of rise Nifty should remain capped at 3844. If it breaks that level too than the whole move becomes corrective. Overall the structure looks healthy and topish. Wave 1 will end with a surprise, overnight. Time projections still have room till mid of may. But Looks like a clear case of being very cautious with mid caps and some large caps.

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